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In Memory of the Forgotten
In Memory of the Forgotten
Poorly lived
Bravely fought
Lonely lived
And I gave never a thought
I pledge now that you not be forgot
Because it’s the best I can do
When in life I gave never a thought
:iconiviaedhros:IVIaedhros 1 1
For the Heroic Young Officer
Psalm for the Heroic Young Officer
Listen up, you young leader of men and women
Full of fire and resolve
Listen up, you seasoned veteran
Wellspring of knowledge and unflappable guide of your country’s best
Listen up and listen well
Through capability of spirit, mind and body carefully cultivated
You have mastered yourself
Through the force of your presence, cunning and strength
You’ve scaled walls, vaulted parapets and slain the enemy
You’ve done the Impossible
But for all your magnificence and bright glory, still you will fall
Still you will fall and fail
Somehow (and you already know this, don’t you?) you fail your men
Your family
Your office and country
And even if you be the next Alexander or Napoleon
Eventually you and your deeds will be swept away in the tides of history
To be dissolved in the vast sea of indifferent eternity
What can you do then, when your soul demands perfection and achievement?
Trust in the Lord of Hosts
Commander of the Angel Armies
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Comfort for the Outdoor Pain
Comfort for the Outdoor Pain
Two hours, twelve hours and seventy-two
One day, five days, one whole year or
Hell, maybe two
Adrenaline died a long time ago
No more excitement here
Nowhere else to go
The endless slog through blistering
Sun and chilling
Rain and mud
What comfort can there be for the
Foot sore infantry?
The sky
The sky
The clear blue sky!
The harsh purity of desert’s vastness,
Endless details in forest’s canopy
In them God speaks to me, whispering a lullaby
Through my eyes and ears  
I eat and I drink
Through the Maker’s glorious majesty revealed
I am refreshed
:iconiviaedhros:IVIaedhros 0 0
Nightmares Before the Variable
Nightmares Before the
They say at night, sometime between last night’s evening chow and when the French and Indians forget to show, the bitch-shift of o’dark-thirty will get a nightly comedy and I’m the comedian.  Sometimes I’m a marionette, twitching on autistic strings.  Sometimes I’m the human FM, reciting weapon ranges and creeds.  Other times I might be briefing or even leading a mission.  I do not remember these things, at least, not usually.  Come morning, they’ll tell me about my performances and everyone laughs, myself included.  Sometimes though…sometimes I remember what it was that possessed me.  I do not tell them because on those rare times I do remember, I can recall only confusion, failure and panic followed by a long watch in the morning’s chill.  
I wonder how long it is before I dream of dead boys staring up at me with dead eyes.
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Lessons Learned
Lessons Learned
2nd Corinthians 1: 3-5
You know, there’s supposed to be no better teacher out there than experience.  That might be true: is true I’d guess.  But there’s also been plenty of times where I don’t think I learned anything except how much I suck at life: leading a platoon into a simulated ambush and watching everyone die all the while being too tired and frustrated to know where it all went wrong, repeatedly making land nav mistakes that shame a JROTC freshman, or screwing over my buddies by not picking up some trash or staying awake on security.  What was I supposed to learn then, especially since ninety percent of the time I’d genuinely tried my best and the other ten percent of the time I was just taking what I thought was a well-earned rest from being that annoyingly HOOAH go get’em do-gooder?  I don’t think I gained anything, except maybe a deeper sense of empathy.  I can
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Lying Exhausted
Lying Exhausted One Early Morning at Sand Hill
“Get down mother fuckers!”
Drop to the ground, extend the arms,
Sound off
Up and down, up and down to the ground
Why can’t I (Ah’ WUN) do anything right? (TWO) All I had to (TREE::ONE) do was turn left (Ah’ WUN) on “column left”. (TWO) How can I (TREE::TWO) be so stupid? (Ah’ WUN)
I want to make (Ah’ WUN) this a career…can barely (TWO) take care of (TREE:: TWO-EIGHT) my self. How (Ah’ WUN) am I supposed to (TWO) lead…I’ll die…(TREE::TWO-NINE)
(Ah’ WUN) I have to qualify. (TWO) I must. If (TREE::HALT) I don’t shoot at least
Twenty-six of forty, I’ll let everyone down!
“On your backs!”
Lying on the ground, completely soaked in sweat
Depressed, doubting, worried
The blood pounds in my ears
“Extend your legs”
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